Sylhet Division

Sylhet division is surrounded by many mountains. Bitween the area of Mehaloya, Kashia, Joyantiya Tripura’s mountains is known as Sylhet which was known as Srihatta before. It’s attached in Bangladesh map as like Tribeni from east. Sylhet division has four district and they are Sylhet, Sunamgonj, Hobigonj, Moulvibazar. The total area of this division is 12596 square kilometers.

Sylhet Division’s Background

Sylhet Division is administrative region of Bangladesh located in the northeast corner which consists of Habiganj, Sylhet, Sunamganj and Sylhet District. This region was included in the era of the legendary ancient Kamarupa. It supposed that in ancient period Dravidian, Mongolian community had settled in this region. In the seventh century AD, the kingdom was divided into three distinct named Jayantiya, Laura and Gauro. Ancient Gauro state is historically recognized as the Sylhet region. In 1204 after conquer Bangla by Ikhtiear Uddin Mohammad Bin Bokhtiar Khilji establish the Muslim era. In 1303 Gauro was conquered by Hazrat Shah Jalal (R:) and established the Sultani Muslim rule. He changed the name of Gauro as Jalalabad. In 1765 Sylhet came under the East India Company. In 1772, (to go under the three thana of India) is composed former Sylhet district. At that time, the area was 5440 square miles. In 1874, this region is associated with the province of Assam. Though this region goes under the East Pakistan in 1947 referendum, but some parts of the Bangladesh Occupied like Karimganj, patharakandi, Badarpur etc. disconnected from the Sylhet region goes to Assam. After the liberation of Bangladesh the former Sylhet district was in Chittagong division. Later in the year of 1 August 1995, along the four districts Sylhet were declared the sixth division of Bangladesh.

Sylhet Division’s Heritage

The heritage of Sylhet Division are Hazrat Shah Jalal (R:)’s Mazar, Jaflong, Sripur, Tamabil, Volagonj Stone Quary, Tekerghat, Madhob Kundu, Borolekha, Tanguar Haor, Joyantar Palace, Barth place of Sri Chaitanna, House of Hason Raja, Hamham waterfall etc.

Sylhet Division’s rivers

Bagra Gung

Sylhet Division’s Districts