Lalbag Fort, Dhaka

If anyone thought that the naming of Lalbagh Fort, natural causes in one’s head that will come naturally because of the name of the Lalbagh Fort been kept in Lalbagh. The concept is not wrong at all, it really is named based on the area. The first was the name of a completely different, so that the area had no effect. The early days, the fort was named “Fort Aurangabad”.

History of Lalbag Fort

Lalbagh Fort, the construction work began in 1678. Mughal emperor Shah-e-Azam. Azam Shah began the construction of the Lalbagh Fort. Azam Shah was Mughal emperor for a very short time. Yet soon he began his work of this extraordinary. The Mughal emperor Azam Shah was son of Aurangzeb’s and grandson of Emperor Shah Jahan who made the Taj Mahal is widely recognized in the world.

Almost a year after the start of work on the construction of the castle was stopped because his father called him to go to Delhi to suppress the rebellion of the Marathas. Emperor Azam Shah after leaving, the construction of the castle was closed temporarily. The construction of this tower will be completed either that had doubts. But the Nawab Shaista Khan halt all speculated the Lalbagh Fort, the construction started about a year after Emperor Azam Shah was stopped working. The construction work continues full of spirit to build the castle.

Shaista Khan, however, to resume the construction of nearly four years after it was closed again, and then he did not start the construction work. Nawab Shaista Khan’s daughter Pori Bibi was died for that reason Shaista Khan was stopped working. An irony was born after the death of the Pori Bibi, everyone started to think that the castle was unlucky.

After the death of Pori Bibi, she was buried in Lalbagh Fort, and since then it is called Pori Bibi’s Tomb. The dome of the tomb of Pori Bibi once upon a time it was made in gold, but now it has not been significant. Now with lots of copper has been overlaid the whole dome.

Pori Bibi’s Tomb

This building is known as the tomb of the Mughal Subedar Shaista Khan’s favorite daughter Pari Bibi. This is the only building of marble, black basalt stones of different colors and adorned with flowers, leaves and internal glazing tiles nine rooms have been decorated. Cells on the roof made of black basalt stone. The burial chamber at the top of the central monument artificial dome covered with a sheet of copper. 20.2 square meters, the tomb built before 1688 AD. Experts say, however, the body of Pori Bibi is not present in the tomb.

What to see

Lalbagh Fort has three huge doors but only a door is opened to the public that the door is now moved to the door of the tomb of Bibi along the straight in the eye of the Elves. Usually on television, newspapers, magazines the image can be seen of Lalbagh Fort that it is basically the Pori Bibi’s tomb picture.

There are three structures on the premises of the fort

1. The center of the court room and Hammam Khana
2. Pori Bibir’s Tomb
3. Shahi Mosque

There is a mosque in the Fort. Azam Shah before went to Delhi the mosque was built. The three domed mosque is able to bring attention to anyone. There are very few old mosque in Dhaka like this.
In Lalbagh Fort there seen several spring suits, which only operates on any particular day (eg Eid). In the fort there is a tunnel way that can be heard in the face of the points of the tunnel, or would have been but cannot go anymore. The tunnel to the way of listening to the word itself but found no authenticity.

Lalbagh Fort has a museum for public viewing, which was formerly the residence of Nawab Shaista Khan and he can control everything from here. There are many things to see in the museum. There seen the paintings of the Mughal period, the matching which cannot be seen by anyone not impressed. Well there are various accessories for use of Shaista Khan. Moreover, there have variety of weapons, clothing etc. of the time common currency.

Tickets Counters:

Lalbagh Fort ticket counter at right next to the entrance, Twenty Taka per ticket price, but does not require any ticket for a child less than five years. Ticket prices for the foreign visitors two hundred taka per visitor.

Lalbagh Fort, the historical monuments of the Mughal period, so that the use of black basalt stone, marble tile, and many colorful cushions. Lalbagh Fort, but the combinations of things that cannot be found any historical sign up today. Every day thousands of visitors from home and abroad are filled steps at Lalbagh area in this castle.


From Gulistan, Shabag and Curzon Hall of Dhaka city can go by rickshaw, CNG or Taxi Cab to Lalbagh.

  • Lalbag Fort, Dhaka
  • Lalbag Fort, Dhaka
  • Lalbag Fort, Dhaka
  • Lalbag Fort, Dhaka
  • Lalbag Fort, Dhaka