Alutila Guha, Khagrachhari

Natural Beauty, mountain waterfall and surrounded by huge greeny effects, Khagrachhari is a mind-blowing visit able place. And this Khagrachhari’s attractive place is Alutila Cave. About 8 km west of the Kagrachhari town Matiranga Upazila’s tourism spot is Alutila Parjatan Kendra and Alutila Cave situated there. The locals called it Hakor or God’s Cave. But the tourist called it Alutila Cave because it situated in Alutila Tourism Spot. This cave has an entrance one side and exit to other side. It is very dark inside the cave. You need to enter with the torch. You can come to Alutila by Chander Gari or Jeep from Khagrachhori town. Before enter Alutila you need to buy ticket and torch from the gate. Torch are small oil lamps that made of bamboo congara. Torch will be burn at the entrance to the cave. Because of the rain it so much slippery, you need to proceed very carefully. Stairs goes down from the road. There is no way to understand from the outside, it’s a cave. Inside there is a stream. Challenge is pass the cave without any injuries. Utter darkness to emerging inside. Torch should be burn carefully. Do not burn all the oil at once. Otherwise oil will be finish middle of the cave. If that happen, you can use mobile phone’s light. Inside the cave rock walls, repeatedly change the way with the flow of water, right action to take. If one fell on the rock he/she must be injured. Some time comes in mind when the dark kingdom would end. The cave is about 282 feet in length from one side to the other side. Before, from the beginning of the mountain to go up to the mouth of the cave, the visitors had a lot of trouble. However now, the District Council made the concrete stairs to the top of the mountain away from the 266 stairs to get down to the bottom of the tunnel.

How to Go

There are several bus services from Dhaka to the Khagrachari. However, if you go by train, you have to down at Chittagong and go Khagrachhari by Bus. Matiranga Sadar Upazila 20 kilometers before of Khagrachhori. You can also go Alutila by Chander Gari or Jeep from Khagrachhori.

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  1. Arifuzzan Arif says:

    This place is vary nice. I’ve been there…….

  2. Arifuzzaman Arif says:

    This place is vary nice. I’ve been there…….

  3. shanto says:

    how much is the entry fee?

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