Ahsan Manzil, Islampur, Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil is located in Old Dhaka at Islampur. Ahsan Manzil, situated on the left bank of the river Buriganga, This is one of the most significant heritage sites of Bangladesh. This site is one of the major sources of recreation for the inhabitants of Dhaka, particularly for the dwellers of the congested Old Dhaka. The conservation of this invaluable heritage site and it’s management always have failed to receive proper attention of the concerned authorities. The current research mainly focuses on visitors’ characteristics and preferences for Ahsan Manzil and peoples willingness to pay for the attributes offered by this place Selected socio economic variables concerned with the tourists which are tested for association with the frequency of visit. The priority attributes for visitors in choosing the Ahsan Manzil are analyzed using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Ahsan Manzil’s founder was Nawab Abdul Ghani. He was named it to his son Khwaja Ahsanullah. 1859-1872 year was the construction period. In 1906 the decision was taken to create of the Muslim League in a meeting held at this establishment. Ahsan Manzil witness of the history so much more. After a few times reform held here and most recently its latest reform has been completed.

Ahsan Manzil’s Time Schedule

Weekly holiday is Thursday. Friday open time is 3.00 pm of afternoon to 7.00 pm of the evening. Saturday to Wednesday the open time 9.00 am of the morning to 4.30 pm of the evening. It remains closed on public holidays.

Ticket Price

Adult Bangladeshi visitors = 20 Tk per person,
Young Bangladeshi children visitors (under 12 year) = 10 TK per person,
Other foreign visitors = 200 TK per person,
No tickets are required for the disabled visitors and the museum is free to students on the basis of the application is given before.

Way to Go

From the Dhaka University anyone can directly go by rickshaw. And from the Jagannath University you can go by Rickshaw and it costs 25 taka.