Bangladesh is a country of south Asia. Away from north border of Bangladesh Himalaya mountain and Bay of Bangle situated in southern part of this country. West Bangle of India situated in the west. Tripura, Mizoram of India and hill area of Myanmar situated in the East. Bangladesh mainly a land of river and rest area of this country is flat land.

The natural beauty of Bangladesh is remarkable. There are many tourist attraction places in this country. Among them Archaeological sites, ancient mosque and monuments, world's longest sea beach, hill stations, forests etc. The natural beauty of this country impresses the tourists.

The natural beauty and food habit of different places of the country is different. Bangladesh is a land of Royal Bangle Tiger which lives in Shundarban. Among the Archaeological sites remarkable are Moinamoti, Mohastanghar and Paharpur. Rangamati, Kaptai and Cox's Bazar are famous for their natural beauty. Wild animal lives in Shundarban and world famous mangrove forest situated here.